Media: FotografiDatum: 2023


Riche, Stora Matsalen

April 25 – June 24

Artists: Camila Manuelsdotter Pino, Chih-Lin Yeh, Vincent Haynes, Harry Woodrow, Helén Svensson, Nicole Walker and Sofia Runarsdotter

Curated by Ashik Zaman

Riche är stolta och glada över att få visa denna samlingsutställning


For this exhibition concept I was very inspired by what has been an all-time favourite artwork of mine by the “collective artist” (not artist collective) or pseudo artist Claire Fontaine consisting of a red brick wrapped with a rubber band in the book cover of Guy Debord’s ”The Society of the Spectacle” and that very notion of ”the society of spectacle”.

That was a point of departure and brief with each of the artists, many of whom have been making brand new works for the exhibition in dialogue with me. The title which is actually extracted from “catfishing” on a meetup online site is not quite a jab at Riche per se as an establishment, but there are indeed elements of site-specificity and a lot of play, perhaps not so much with what Riche factually is but what it could be seen to represent as a site for the posturing and pageantry that runs in line with the modus of contemporary urban life.

This exhibition is hoped to be a comic relief and humour is a driver of it. In fact one of the artworks you’ll be seeing originates from a conversation during last Thanksgiving about how going out at night in New York just isn’t fun anymore. Not like in Madrid where people actually want to still have fun. In New York in contrast, it’s all about posturing, said a friend over at the Us of A. Me and one of the artists in the exhibition had a laugh about it at my recent birthday, declaring that we might be getting older, but fuck, that’s so true also in relation to Stockholm.


Ashik Zaman

Contributing artists;

Camila Manuelsdotter Pino

Chih-Lin Yeh

Harry Woodrow

Helén Svensson

Nicole Walker

Sofia Runarsdotter

Vincent Haynes

Boka bord idag!

Riche är en samlingsplats och hos oss kan du i princip spendera hela din vakna tid. Gör en bordsbokning idag så har du något gott att se fram emot. 

Andra konstverk

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Konstnär: Adam LexarMedia: MåleriDatum: 2022

Adam Lexar visar konst i Lilla Baren på Riche

I denna utställning har Adam arbetat med hur tolkningar kan uppstå mellan människa och maskin. Genom ett datorprogram som styrs av artificiell intelligens har han skapat motiv genom en metod som kallas för “text-to-image". Adam skriver in en mening i programmet som sedan “bygger” en unik bild från en enorm bilddatabas i ett försök att representera denna (Adams) text till en bild. Sedan tolkas dessa (ofta) pixliga bilder genom Adams måleri, vilket blir en slags konversation mellan konstnären och programmet där kommunikationen i form av språk och programmering skapar nya unika typer av bildrepresentation.