Glaskonst av Aki Keitel i Lilla Baren, Riche

Aki Keitel at Lilla Baren, Riche
2020.01.09 – 2020.02.15

Aki Keitel is a Finnish Japanese second year student at Riksglasskolan, Pukeberg in Småland.
He likes the free blowing technique, with use of only heat, cooling by compressed air or wet newspaper, gravity, the centrifugal forces and blowing air in to a blow pipe.
Therefore the end product is often unique and hard to reproduce.
The style is abstract and Wabisabi.

Akis resume includes work at several hot shops such as
The Glassfactory in Boda,
Erikshyttan, Erikamåla.
Internship with Bertil Wallien at Kosta Boda/ Orrefors
Assisting work with Åsa Jugnelius.

Aki’s work has until now been exhibited at –
Riksglasskolan, Småland
Arranging Things, Stockholm
Omaka popup, Stockholm
Algutsboda Gallery, Småland
Erikshyttan, Småland

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