Den hemlighetsfulle Mr Big Brain, Carl Fredrik Holtermann

Carl Fredrik Holtermann visar utställningen ”Den hemlighetsfulle Mr Big Brain” i Lilla Baren,
teckningar och målningar från 2018-2019.

Drawings from the notebook 2018-2019

 Riche Lilla Baren 13 augusti – 1 septembe

CFH is a Swedish screenwriter and artist. From the early ‘90s onwards, Holtermann has written extensively on behalf of numerous major cultural institutions and listed companies; prose, poetry, columns, copy and commercials. A recurring theme in his writings is nightlife history, but he has also co-written several books on design and culture.

Early on in his career CFH began writing texts about the people he encountered, ranging from notes and fragments to elaborate character descriptions and short stories. This project stretched over 30 years and contains writings about over 3 000 people.

Within the framework of “Therapeutic Pictionary” he further illustrates reflections about life and all the situations that arise when people meet. These illustrations can be found on Instagram under the hashtag: #therapeutic_pictionary

Carl Fredrik is also a screenwriter, with a particular interest in complex relationships, dark comedy, dramedy and romcoms. Holtermann has studied at Beckmans School of Design, Writer’s Academy and recently graduated from Alma Löv Script Academy.

Drawings: 2 000 kr


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