John Scarisbrick, THE BOWIE 95 SESSION

27.01.2021 – 27.03.2021

När David Bowie ringde och väckte den unga fotografen John Scarisbrick en vårnatt i April 1995, visste ingen då att bilderna som John Scarisbrick kom att ta på David Bowie för albumet Outside, som kom ut samma år, skulle bli ett av de mest kreativa samarbetet både John Scarisbrick & David Bowie skulle uppleva i sina karriärer.

John Scarisbrick är en portätt/mode fotograf & konstnär, uppvuxen i Stockholm. Han bodde i New York mellan åren 1990-2002. Bilderna på David Bowie togs under John Scarisbricks tid i New York. Han flögs till London för att föreviga karaktärerna i den berättelse David Bowie hade skrivit. Uppdraget blev att fotografera och illustrera berättelsen. ”Galet projekt men skitkul”. 
Bilderna har nu legat i en låda i 25 år och visas nu för första gången som utställning på Riche i Stockholm med start den 27e Januari 2021.
When the young photographer John Scarisbrick received a phone call from David Bowie (at 3am) in the middle of the night in April 1995, nobody would have thought that their photo shoot for David Bowie’s album Outside, which was released that same year, would become one of the most creative collaborations that either of them would experience throughout their respective careers. John Scarisbrick, who grew up in Stockholm, is a portrait/fashion photographer and artist. From 1990 to 2002 he lived in New York. It was during these years the pictures of David Bowie were taken. He got on a plane and headed for London in order to immortalize the characters that David Bowie wanted to tell the tale of. His task was to photograph and illustrate the narrative. ”It was a crazy project, but also tons of fun”.
The pictures have been stored in a drawer for over 25 years, and they are now being exhibited for the first time at Riche in Stockholm, starting January 27th 2021.
Bilder ni ser är David Bowie som 
Ramona A Stone 
Acolyte aka Fishman
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Nathan Adler aka Detective Professor Nathan Adler
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