Musikalisk Uppesittarkväll i Lilla Baren: Johan Graden, Kasper Agnas & Mauritz Agnas

Musikalisk uppesittarkväll i Lilla Baren med husbandet Johan Graden, Kasper Agnas & Mauritz Agnas samt hemliga gäster. Med andra ord blir detta en stjärnklar afton dan före dopparedan.




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Tisdag 13/06 - Lördag 22/07 | Lilla baren | Konst
Jeff Dundas "Crepuscularities"

Lilla Baren is pleased to present Crepuscularities, an exhibition of recent paintings by Jeff Dundas. The exhibition is the self taught artist's first time exhibiting work and will run from June 13th through July 22nd at Birger Jarlsgatan 4, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Crepuscularities explores liminal settings and spaces - moments just before or slightly after sublimation, deposition or galvanization. There is a quality of process that exuded from the works, a reflection of the artist’s approach: images begin as mundane observations that then ooze through lattices of meaning and experience, a well-tuned color palette, and lastly emerge as their final composition, often an inversion of their original state.