Artist: Slobodan ZivicMedia: InstallationDate: 2016

Slobodan Zivic ‘i-CRACKED’

Art Installation by artist Slobodan Zivic

i-CRACKED 13 October – 5 November 2016.
“A female came in to our shop holding her broken iPhone screen with bandaged fingers. We’ve seen a lot of broken iPhone screen problems ranging from tiny hairline cracks to phones where the screen was a maze of pieces. This womens phone screen had shattered. She had been holding the pieces in place with packing tape but clearly had been using it even though splinters of glass were peeling off and cutting her fingers as she continued to use it. Clearly, she couldn’t be separated from her phone for long. Even as she stood at our counter, ready to hand it over for a much-needed screen replacement, it rang and we watched as she lifted the broken, cracked phone to her face. We waited … we’ve seen a lot of people make “one more phone call.” As she concluded her call, we were horrified to see blood trickling down the side of her face. Her broken iPhone had cut her ear! Even though she’d already sliced her fingers more than once, she had no idea she had just cut herself again with this cracked screen”. (Source. Internet)

The emotional crackup extending to physical distress when the device containing such chunk of your everyday life hits the ground, resulting in intricate abstraction by chance, is what i-CRACKED is a reflection on.

Slobodan Zivic (b. 1976)

Slobodan Zivic is a Stockholm-based independent visual artist, owing his origins to the subculture revolving around graffiti in the ‘90s. Notably Zivic was the driving force behind erecting the first legal graffiti wall; “Hall of Fame” in his hometown of Norrköping.
With a distinctive digital graphics aesthetic weighing on pop art, he has since gone on to become a prominent illustrator, graphic designer and art director. With ties to the music industry, his body of works sees the visual identities of several noted artists, as well as the Swedish Grammy-nominated music video for Kriget’s “Submission” to his directorial credit. Zivic’s work as a visual artist has just recently been exhibited at hangmenProjects in Stockholm, curated by C-print.

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Other works of art

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Artist: Håkan SchülerMedia: FotografiDate: 2017

Håkan Schüler – Fotografier på Riche

Håkan är en fotograf som har arbetat med musikvideos, reklamfilmer och dokumentärfilmer i större delen av sitt liv. Inspirationen kommer från musik och fashion. Verken som ställs ut på Riche är tagna runt om i Europa och USA under de senaste sju åren. Håkan Schüler är en rockfotograf och är nu aktuell med ett fotoreportage med magasinet Rolling Stone under sommaren 2017. Utställningen pågår 13/6 - 31/7 2017
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