The food at Riche

Riche is a brasserie with Swedish influences. Great craftsmanship is at the centre of everything we do, and all food is prepared from scratch. We serve plat du jour Mon-Fri, and on Sat-Sun brunch is available in addition to the a la carte menu.



Toast Skagen with white fish roe 1/2 215
Toast Skagen with white fish roe 1/1 295
Vendace roe (30gr) from bay of Finland with condiments 335
Baked beetroots with oat cream cheese, mushrooms, Valencia almonds and truffle (vegan) 175
Riche cold cuts with condiments 255 pp
Pata Negra de Salamanca 275
Small beef tartare with Västerbottens cheese crème, Jerusalem artichoke crisps, kale and roasted hazelnuts 215
Duck liver terrine with cep, citrus emulsion, plum purée and brioche 245
Tartine extra Riche; butter fried bread with Skagen, smetana, horseradish, boiled egg and 15g Osetra caviar 625
Salad & Soup
Plat du jour
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Snacks & Sides
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Wine and other drinks

Our sommeliers have over time curated one of Stockholm's most comprehensive wine lists and they always strive to choose the right beverage for you. How about a Chablis for lunch, and for dinner, why not start with a blanc de blanc Champagne and a Bourgogne accompanying your meal?

This is Riche

We opened our doors and welcomed the world in 1893 and have been a timeless social hub in the centre of Stockholm ever since. Riche is a brasserie with Swedish influences and the legacy of Tore Wretman is important to us. On our menu, classic dishes stand side by side with new creations inspired by the seasons.