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This is how we take responsibility

We are working hard on sustainability and the work we do is linked to the UN's global goals within the framework of Agenda 2030. At Svenska Brasserier, we have selected the goals we think are the most important based on our operations and in the areas where we hope to make a difference.

Our focus is on gender equality, better working conditions and economic growth, reducing inequality, sustainable consumption and production, oceans and marine resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

We have made progress on gender equality with more and more women leaders. We've reduced our bottled water purchases by 29% and who knew that a couple of fewer dishcloths per restaurant could result in a saving of almost 3,000 square meters of cellulose.

Sustainability measures are not only good for the climate, but also for our guests. Unlike most restaurants, we have our own fish-cleaning plant which means that we are first-hand recipients of fish. In effect, this means that we get to buy directly from both fishermen and auctions. And in the end, it means we can choose fish that has not been fished unethically and get the freshest possible ingredients to our guests.

For a couple of years now, we are proud owners of a fishing boat. Our boat is called SM4 Tarona and it catches herring, trout, whitefish, norse, and perch which are served in our restaurants or sold at Sturehof's food market. We have started out small, but our ambition is to expand our business as we believe that both conscience and the culinary experience are better when we can control the food all the way.

We are also passionate about fruit and vegetables and value close partnerships with our producers. But we don't stop there. At Ulriksdal Kitchen Garden, we have our own plantations with a focus mainly on leafy greens, herbs, and flowers - but we also grow beans and zucchini. We make sure that the vegetables are grown sustainably and that the produce ends up on our guests' plates within hours of being harvested. It doesn't get any fresher than that.

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