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This is Riche

Riche is a brasserie with Swedish influences and the legacy of Tore Wretman is important to us. On our menu, classic dishes are mixed with new creations inspired by the seasons, and the common denominator for all the food we prepare is that it’s made from scratch with quality ingredients.

We opened our doors and welcomed the world in 1893, and we were inspired by Café Riche in Paris. Since then, Riche has been a timeless social hub in central Stockholm. But the journey through the decades hasn't been entirely painless, and towards the end of World War II, Riche needed help. The Wallenberg family, the Bonniers and the Sachs joined forces together with Tore Wretman to purchase the restaurant. Riche got a revitalizing injection and quickly became a popular meeting place for stars such as Ingmar Bergman, Sara Leander, and Greta Garbo. During this time, thanks in large part to Tore Wretman, Swedish gastronomy was given a whole new status and, among many other things, Toast Skagen was born in our kitchen.

We've come a long way in almost 130 years, Riche has evolved over time and continues to be a meeting place for people from all walks of life. Today, you're greeted by our iconic entrance on Birger Jarlsgatan that draws inspiration from the world of the circus, and when you step inside the doors and look up at the ceiling, you can see the arched shapes with lights reminiscent of the inside of a circus tent. From the moment you enter, you know you're in for a great night at Riche.

Larger companies

Are you a larger company of 9 or more who want to enjoy a full night at Riche, maybe you want to invite the family to lunch or take your colleagues on a company dinner? Contact us to book a table and experience one of the nicest places in Stockholm. Enjoy! We have world-class service, the best champagne in town, French delicacies, quality cooking and countless wines for all tastes.

We are a big family

Svenska Brasserier is behind some of the country's best and most interesting restaurant concepts. We have large restaurants with many tables and generous opening hours, our food is based on Swedish gastronomy and aesthetics.


There are great opportunities within the company and we are proud of the wonderful community that exists among our employees. You get extensive benefits in a serious company and to us, it’s important that we have fun at work together. Svenska Brasserier has a set of values based on the word’s generosity, accessibility, credibility and entertaining.

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