About Riche

Founded in 1893, Riche strove to imitate it´s Parisian model, Café Riche on Boulevard des Italiens, in interior decoration as well as in character. Starched linen tablecloths, elegant gold-framed mirrors on the walls and crystal chandeliers in the ceilings created an environment that made solid bourgeoisie, officers and gentlefolk feel at home.

The menu was international with an emphasis on classic restaurant dishes and a well-sorted smörgåsbord.
 Riche was refitted into a more modern, functionalistic shape in the beginning of 1930´s by architect Ingvar Tengbom. At the same time Riche´s grill (Teatergrillen) opened. Thought as a less expensive alternative to the dining room, simpler dishes such as prime rib stew with steamed potatoes and fried salt herring with onion sauce were served here.
 Soon after WWII ended the 28 year old Tore Wretman took over the restaurant. The era that began came to form a school for restaurants in Sweden in many ways. With his new perspective Tore Wretman introduced a number of new foreign influences to the Swedish cuisine. At the same time he brought forward traditional Swedish fare and cemented in a restaurant environment.