Food and wine

fish-n-wineTo eat
The cuisine served at restaurant Riche is best described as a heritage from Tore Wretman. The inspiration from the French brasserie is notable in our menu together with the Swedish traditional fare. Some of our most enjoyed and best elaborated dishes are Toast Skagen and Biff Rydberg.

During summer we close for breakfast and brunch.

To drink
The beverages at restaurant Riche are carefully selected by our devoted sommeliers. In our winecellars we store some of the treasures that can be find in our winelist. We have expanded our storing to be able to offer a choice for every person, and we have been able to find wines that not are to be found in other restaurants. Follow the link to see the full wine list.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we start the day by serving brunch in addition to our usual à la carte.