Linnéa Björn, a.k.a BJOERN, is an up and coming, alternative Swedish artist. Her debut single “Why” (2020) caught a lot of attention both in Sweden with a steady radio rotation, as well as internationally when superstar Tones and i handpicked the song as the only European finalist in her competition “That One song”.
Since then, three more singles have been released, and now BJOERN is ready to release her debut EP “The Nature of Fantastic Things”. Linnéa also spends time in L.A. (US), writing for other artists, as well as music for film trailers and games.
Linnéa’s music is honest, touching, and captivatingly beautiful. BJOERN is a new voice on the Nordic music sky – and this is only the beginning of her journey.
Listen to the latest single “What You’re Doing”:
“In this world of eternal storytelling, we sometimes stumble upon histories that tend to catch our attention a little bit extra. Our lives run like a river. And when we allow the circumstances we meet along the road to flow with the least amount of friction, beautiful patterns, places and meetings will occur”

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