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Media: SkulpturDatum: 2023

I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR – A Group Show Curated by Arranging Things

Med start under Stockholm Design Week 2023 presenterar Arranging Things grupputställningen I’ll Be Your Mirror, 11 speglar av 11 konstnärer på Riche Fenix.

Bakom Arranging Things står Lisa Milberg och Leo Forssell som är experter i gränslandet mellan konst och konsthantverk.
De har nu fått ta över väggarna på Riche Fenix under en månad. Detta är Fenix andra tillfälliga utställning och under våren kommer fler oväntade installationer och inslag i baren att pryda väggar, golv och tak. Vi är glada och stolta över att kunna välkomna Arranging Things som under flera års tid bevisat sig som ett viktigt inslag i Stockholms design och konstvärld.

Konstverken, speglarna, är till salu.

Medverkande konstnärer och speglar;
Julia Jutterström, Heartbreaker
Sofia Eriksson, Abstractions of You
Henrik Ødegaard, Do(o)R e Mi(rror)
Lisa Reiser, Plasma
Niklas Runesson ULMI
Martin Thübeck, Eyck
Silje Lindrup, Cut in Water
Jonatan Nilsson, Mirror of the rising sun
Leo Eklund, Treasure Island
Gustav Winsth, Heavy Metal
OWL, Depends On How I Feel

Julia Jutterström, Heartbreaker
2023, Mirror glass, steel, acrylic paint. Approx 980×920 mm

Julia Jutterström is an interdisciplinary artist from Stockholm. Her practice is at the crossroads between art and design, rooted in degrees in interior architecture and furniture design. Her aesthetic is expressive, raw, and dark, with a fearlessness to use the darkness as her muse. By welding metal into various objects, she creates pieces that exemplify her experimental approach to the material.

“Do you feel your heart beating? Do you feel the thorns? Who are they hurting? An object that symbolizes an armed heart through materials, methods and shape.”

Erik Olovsson, Pond Mirror
2023, Silvered glass. Approx 320×430 mm

Erik Olovsson is a Stockholm based artist. Since 2013 he has worked within various fields of art, craft and design, aiming to push the boundaries for materials and techniques. Olovsson has a focus on improvisation and joining materials in new ways. The pieces are often seen as both sculptural and functional objects, coming from an intuitive and experimental starting point.

Olovsson has works represented at Paris based Galerie Kreo and in various private collections. His works have been showed in numerous international venues, like Design Miami, PAD and TEFAF.

“The ‘Pond’ mirror is crafted by pouring molten glass onto

a heated graphite block and then flattened out with wooden tools. Each piece is then polished by hand to a smooth finish before being silvered to create a reflective surface.”

Sofia Eriksson, Abstractions of You
2023 Press formed, chased and polished copper, nickel plated and mounted on lacquered mdf. Approx 620x620x40 mm

Sofia Eriksson works close to the material in time-consuming and repetitive processes, where she combines silversmith- ing techniques with sculptural techniques and materials. She creates ornamental sculptures made up of abstract bodies. Eriksson is interested in bodily sensations and human desires, through her works she speculates on alternative realities; she ponders what a body can be. Material, the process of making and concept exist in symbiosis where they lead each other forward.

Sofia Eriksson is educated at Konstfack and lives and works in Stockholm.

“In my work ‘Abstractions of You’, the mirror-like surface is a tool for transformation, a borderland where object and viewer merge. It is a play with the corporeal and the ornamental, where the line between the real and surreal is blurred.”

Henrik Ødegaard, Do(o)R e Mi(rror)
2023, Oak, mirror glass. Approx 930x750x100 mm

Henrik Ødegaard (b. 1982, Norway) is a Designer, Artist & Curator based in Oslo. Along with his own design practise he is running Pyton, a Nomadic artist driven exhibition space show- ing contemporary and historical design and art.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Architecture) 2008- 2014
Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Graphic Design) 2003-2006

“A wooden mirror with doors. A play with sections and the changing of the shape.”

Lisa Reiser, Plasma,
2023, Steel surface-treated with linseed oil and a gas flame, grey tinted mirror glass. Approx 960×1090 mm

Lisa Reiser works as a product designer/artist with her base in Sundsvall. She is inspired by workshops, materials and day- dreams. Most often she makes works in glass or metal.

“This mirror was inspired by a new love for hand plasma cut- ters. It makes the impossible possible. If you only have access to hand machines/tools, everything becomes very straight in the world of steel. A strict frame on the outside where the plasma allows to do whatever you want inside. So I wanted to turn fast and a lot, just like motocross.”

Niklas Runesson ULMI
2023, Elm and mirror glass. Approx 800×1180 mm

Niklas Runesson (b. 1985) is a self-taught craftsman and cab- inet maker raised in Småland. With a legacy of three genera- tions of woodworkers/engineers who were active from 1945- 2000 in the manufacture of turned toy parts, Runesson takes the legacy into the present.

Much of Runesson’s inspiration comes from nature, but also fragments of the unknown and imagination. A mantra that often comes back when he wants to explain the feeling is “friendly creature”, a recurring theme.

“With ‘Ulmi’ I wanted to create the feeling of a large mysterious insect-like mouth, a friendly creature that looks back at us.”


Martin Thübeck, Eyck
2023, Box in beech wood with convex plastic mirror. Approx 610x610x70 mm

Martin Thübeck is a Swedish designer who works and lives in Stockholm. He is trained as a Interior Architect and Furniture Designer, with a master’s degree from Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) graduating in 2020.

”With the ‘Eyck’ mirror I explore the relationships between geo- metrical shapes through the scope of 15th century painter Jan Van Eyck. The convex mirror in the wooden box reflects the in- side of the box creating a frame between it self and the outside of the box. Playing with the notion of inside and out side.”

Silje Lindrup Cut in Water
2022, Glass and mirror glass. Approx 300×500 mm

With glass as primary material, artist and glassblower Silje Lin- drup creates objects in the borderland between arts and crafts. Interested in living processes where body, technique and ma- terial together decide the result, she strives to push boundaries within traditional glass making. Energy, movement and chance are keywords in Lindrup’s practice and are often present in the niche objects.

“Cut in water is a mirror made out of dripping hot glass com- bined with an imitating mirror shape.

My thoughts about making this mirror was to create a frame that would make the viewer appear in a more magical context.”

Jonatan Nilsson, Mirror of the rising sun
2023, Laser cut acrylic, 3D printed PLA, metal hardware. Approx 350×455 mm

Jonatan Nilsson is a Swedish designer that works and lives in Stockholm. In 2017 he graduated from Beckmans College of Design, and has since then run his own design studio. Man- ufacturing processes, with focus on innovation and with an experimental approach, is a central part of Nilsson’s design practice. An ambition of his is to make complex and expressive objects that in some way questions the prevailing standards of how things are supposed to look or function. In 2019 Nilsson was awarded Young designer of the year by Elle Decoration Sweden. He is represented by Culture Object gallery in New York.

“I’ve been working with laser cut acrylic for quite some time now. A bit more recently I started making swords. Samurai swords are my favourite to make, and a short sword like the one that has pierced the surface of the mirror is called Tantō

in Japanese. I’ve kind of stolen the aesthetics of the mirror from a book stand that I found at a store called China Li here in Stockholm. Since I paid for it I think it’s fine though. Not really worried about the potential aspects of cultural appropriation in my work either. “

Leo Eklund, Treasure Island
2023, Pine wood, pigment, linseed oil. Approx 350×1400 mm

Leo Eklund is a Stockholm based artist, with a particular interest in geometry and color. Turned pieces of wood are assembled into sculptures, with attention to the shapes created in-between. He’s got a BA in Furniture design from Konstfack University.

“Two belt buckles and a vertical zig-zag pattern. This mirror came about when I was spending my days playing with the lathe, and the nights manically searching Ebay for vintage west- ern wear.”

Gustav Winsth, Heavy Metal
2023, Mirror polished stainless steel. Approx 580x2150x300 mm

Gustav Winsth is a Swedish designer exploring a modern aes- thetic, often through the lens of radical design. His work bears a glimpse of his background in engineering with an obvious in- terest in industrial processes and manufacturing combined with references to fashion and street culture. He is leaning towards a playful yet unconventional aesthetic in implementing these factors in furniture design.

“I once read that people passing storefronts with reflective windows statistically decrease their speed by 20% to catch a glimpse of themselves. So why put effort into creating a visually stunning frame when the mirrored image has the attracting force? Instead, I looked to materials that allowed me to shape the reflection itself.

The smooth curvature of the mirror-finish steel not only adds visual appeal but also serves as a functional shelf and conceals any unsightly wall fixtures behind it, allowing for a streamlined aesthetic. The result is a sleek and sophisticated piece of heavy metal that primarily showcases your reflection.”

(Please note: due to its size, this mirror is on view at Arranging Things)

OWL, Depends On How I Feel
2023, Mirror polished stainless steel. Approx 1420x370x370 mm

OWL is a Barcelona-based design studio led by Alfredo Lopez, which designs and manufactures unique furniture and objects, mainly but

not exclusively in wood. As a practice, OWL understands its furniture collections as series and therefore objects in constant evolution, which allows them to adapt to different people, projects and spaces.

‘Depends On How I Feel’ is sculptural piece intended to reflect/distort the person looking at it in different ways, considering the angle and dis- tance you are in. Materials used are plywood, Glass, Lacquered MDF and some steel for structural support.

(Please note: Sculpture, ask for location)


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