La Notte è Mia – Zonzo (IT)

Mr. Fantasy presenta La Notte è MiaZonzo


Zonzo is an Italian dj/selector based in Barcelona, active for almost two decades.

Coming from different musical influences, he spent the last ten years focusing on Disco/ Italo/ Synth / House / World Music and curating an eclectic selection of mainly dance floor music.
His musical journey started in and around bars, private parties and afters, quickly reaching residencies at Barcelona iconic clubs Razzmatazz & Apolo.
Down the line, he spent a few years in Berlín to zoom out of the scene where he began. Here’s where he decided to organize his own disco Party back in Barcelona.
And so the Glove Party was born.
A Disco “bubble” that has reached 10 years of monthly events around different venues, with different formats.
At the moment, Glove Party takes place in the oldest  dance hall of Europe ”La Paloma”, bringing to Barcelona a mix of local talents and International artists mainly from the Disco scene.
For the past 4 years, Zonzo has also been the owner of Glove Records, where he serves “bombs & cherries” on vinyl to the local DJs in Barcelona.
He travels to share his music and vibes across Europe and the World, embarking on a South American tour and performing at festivals like Glastonbury in the UK.
To keep his obsession for music alive, Zonzo is now venturing into production, editing and the release of a 10th anniversary compilation for his baby, the Glove Party.”