La Notte è Mia – Wera Banaszek

Mr. Fantasy presenta La Notte è Mia – Wera Banaszek


Born in the 90s in the middle of nowhere in Poland, Wera started her musical journey at an early age. She grew up discovering new music via the internet, through peer to peer networks as well as radio stations such as Overfitting Disco and IntergalacticFM. She has always been naturally drawn to the sound of the 70s and 80s. Given her interest in music and in broadening her knowledge about nightlife culture amongst other things, eventually, Wera found herself moving from a tiny village in Poland to the capital of Spain, where she has been living for a big part of her life. However, soon after, by the encouragement of one of the most influential people in her music adventure, Jussi Kantonen, Wera recorded her first mix for Overfitting Disco, which led to her sharing her vinyl collection at events. In the past few years, this passion has taken her to parties across Europe including such legendary institutions as Sameheads in Berlin and Glove Party in Barcelona only to name a couple.