La Notte è Mia – Frinda di Lanco

Mr. Fantasy presenta La Notte è Mia – Frinda di Lanco



Record collector, one half of Avec Plaisir and founder of Ciao Amore Baci. Like a summer wind Sandra Stein alias Frinda di Lanco goes about her craft: Sometimes soft with glimpses of blissful days at the shore – other times as a refreshing breeze pushing away clouds and pulling at your limbs to get you moving; and in some cases just straight raising the roof to a point where the shingles go flying.

These cosmically imbued gusts carried her name onto many line-ups alongside the grands of the scene and to venues beloved: sharing the decks with names like Beppe Loda, Budino, Franz Scala and Johannes Albert and casting aside the drapes of the everyday at Primavera Sound, Fusion Festival, Berlin’s infamous „Cocktail d’Amore“ party, the „Warning“ installments at about blank and places as far as Krakow, Sofia, Beijing and Tokyo.

Her carefully selected sets gathered from backyards, basements, and record store back rooms from Lisbon to Beijing and Oslo to Palermo – wherever she and her partner in life, crime and business are carried to on their digging odysseys – range from oddball disco, funk and library to italo, wave and new beat with detours into tribal and trance – taking you onto a wild trip where even the most seasoned dance-averse will be blown onto the dance floor.

Besides stirring up crowds her love for music and vinyl can be seen and heard – and bought – all over Germany’s capital and the aether of the world wide web. She hosts a well-curated radio show by the name of „Music From Mullets“ with guest appearances by Donna Leake, CV Vision, Arsenii Tikhonenko. Additionally beloved outlets such as Amsterdam’s Bordello Radio, Hysteric’s Mothball FM, Mr. Bongo Record Club, Refuge Worldwide and Berlin’s experimental Cashmere Radio carried Frinda’s explorations into music apart from the dance floor out to the world.

Her party series „Ciao Amore Baci“ dedicated to vibrant Italian disco gems and featuring reknown and up-coming local DJs has become a welcome alternative for the disco-orientated Berlin nightlife longing to move to sounds apart the beaten track. On top of that Frinda di Lanco and her partner Hendrik Stein founded their record label / store „Avec Plaisir“ selling and releasing hand-picked rarities since 2020 – working with the likes of cosmic legend DJ Stefan Egger as well as digging private press record releases from the 1970s to 90s.