Christian d’Or (DK)

Over the course of the last 15 years or so, Christian d’Or has been a permanent, leftfield fixture on the Copenhagen music and nightlife scene. His compelling, personal take on the culture of music coupled with his ability for matching the records of old with the sound of now, has seen him carve out a resilient space for himself within the restless Copenhagen music scene.

Reducing Christian’s wide-ranging output to a few introductory sentences is challenging; growing up as a hip hop kid in Holstebro, Denmark, his love of the vinyl record pushed him further into nuanced musical horizons and increasingly esoteric vibrations. Today, Christian’s name represents a singular perspective on musical freedom, centered around the amorphous blobs of energy known as soul, jazz, disco, house and psychedelia. If an unholy human hybrid of Skatebård and DJ Harvey walked the Earth and ran a music-flavored vintage store in Copenhagen’s culturally diverse Nørrebro neighborhood, it might look a lot like Christian d’Or.