AW – Toke, Zoltan & Fritjof

Toke, Tbilisi’s DJ extraordinaire, blends beats like fine natural wines. With a passion for UFOs, synthesizers and drum machines backstory from the ’90s, his music fuses eclectic influences. Catch him at the intersection of cosmic vibes and underground rhythms. Discovery awaits in his sonic universe.

Hailing from the sun-soaked shores of the English Riviera (Dawlish), Zoltan isn’t your average DJ. When he’s not perfecting his novice boule skills on the pétanque court or savoring a glass of pastis served by the opponents, you’ll find him spinning tracks that transport you to a realm where transcendental cosmic disco, ambient, and downtempo meet French nonsensical vocals.

Fritjof is the Gatekeeper regarding broke DJs seeking expensive clothes , mastering the art of thrift and style.
A true eccentric, he’s a dreamer, lover, and boundary-breaker. His music reigns supreme, resonating with his unique spirit—if you interpret his Dj sets unusual, you haven’t heard his Dj sets at Funerals.