Andreas Aaltonen

Andreas Aaltonen’s career stretches over three decades and well over two thousand gigs at clubs, bars, cliffs and festivals—in bunkers, restaurants and submarines, at raves in castles, gardens and forests, at posh boutiques and fashion shows, in underground power plants, offices and skiing lodges, on radio, tv and in your iPhone.
Noteworthy gigs and residencies include Club Yellow, Loop and Super Deluxe in Tokyo. The Electro Databahn parties in Gothenburg. Legendary rave club Docklands, the Rainbow Room and Technob@stun in Stockholm. Radio shows and appearances include Rinse, Tokyo FM, Swedish National Radio and his own show Clear Radio.
Expect a joyful molotov cocktail of Acid & Chicago House, Italo & Hi-Nrg Disco, Electro, Jazz & New-Beat.


”I like to stir things up, play Drexciya to the suits at a posh bar or make hardcore ravers lose their shit to cheesy Italo disco at a warehouse party, not knowing wtf hit em. It’s beautiful.”