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The food at Riche Fenix

We draw influences from all over the world and offer you what inspires us in this moment. Our food is simple and really tasty, so don't be surprised if you start craving another portion - even before you've had your last bite.

No table reservation - drop-in only.




Warm bread with our own churned butter 75
Charcuterie 115
Oyster, "bloody mary" 115
Beef tartar, beligian waffle, lemon-smetana with vendance roe 175
Honey glazed chicken skewer, creme double with kimchi 140
Hamachi with rhubarb, leche de tigre and cilantro 180
Grilled green asparagus, harissa mayonnaise, herb puré 155
Eggfenix, potato, onion, chili oil 175
Hotdog: Merguez, mustard cream and roasted onion 85
– plus menu; with lobster salad 190
Oystermushroom & shiitake, grilled foam, cured eggyold 165
Fried sweetbread, cream cheese, pata negra, ramson 190
Grilled lamb chop, romesco, spring onion, lamb jus 230
Deep fried chicken with hot sauce 190
Agnolotti with parmesan cream, peas and ramson 185
Toast with mussels, tomato and gremolata 120
French fries with mayonnaise 85
Cheese of the day 110



Petit Choux, pistachio-chantilly 85
Tarte Tatin, vanilla ice-cream 155
Coconut sorbet, pinapple, passionfruit 105
Roasted strawberry ice cream, lime sabayon, rosé pepper meringue 130
Chocolate truffle, pecan nut 45