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The food at Riche Fenix

We draw influences from all over the world and offer you what inspires us in this moment. Our food is simple and really tasty, so don't be surprised if you start craving another portion - even before you've had your last bite.

No table reservation - drop-in only.




Warm bread with our own churned butter 65
Oyster with horseradish, dill and vinegar 60
Charcuterie 115
Deep fried zucchini flowers filled with ricotta, parmesan and lemon 130
Sliced raw pike-perch with cucumber, chili, soy and coriander 150
Arancini of Karl-Johans mushroom with roasted garlic cream 130
Steak tartare with Belgian waffle, lemon cream and vendace roe 150
– with caviar 795
Langoustine with carrot, ginger and kohlrabi 190
Hotdog: Merguez, mustard cream and roasted onion 80
– plus menu; with lobster salad 190
Crispy taquitos with black beans, pico de gallo, avocado and coriander 150
Deep fried chicken with hot sauce 190
Linguine with pesto made of sage, hazelnuts and browned butter 180
Creamed chanterelles with Västerbotten cheese and butterfried sourdough bread 130
French fries with mayonnaise 70
Hummus with vegetable crudité 75
Hillsand blue mold cheese with dark rye bread and pear compote 110
Browned butter cake with vanilla ice cream and cloudberry 130
Lemon pie with Italian meringue 85
Ice cream popsicle: White chocolate, black currant sorbet and pistachio nut 85
Chocolate truffle 45