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This is Riche Fenix

Sometime in 2021, Matilda Jackson started dreaming of a bar on Södermalm. Something that would resemble her family’s other restaurants yet uniquely different. After thinking long and hard, and having endless conversations with friends, Riche Fenix was born. 

There are many things we learned from our sibling restaurant Riche, which has been serving guests for over 100 years and has come to be associated with good food, great service, enriched with culture, and an overall high standard. Lilla Baren has been a social hub on Nybroplan and with Riche Fenix we are creating a new social space on Södermalm. 


Riche Fenix is in many ways a simple and uncomplicated place but with high quality and thoughtful ideas that permeate everything. The food is simple to eat, made from the best ingredients and provides complex flavours. Wine, beer or maybe a bold drink? We got whatever you're in the mood for and promise that it will quench your thirst. Götgatan 40 is easy to get to and exists in one of Sweden's most culturally rich areas. Riche Fenix will stand out like a pink full moon, and we are quite sure that we will see you, again and again. 


We are a big family!

Svenska Brasserier is behind some of the country's best and most interesting restaurant concepts. We have large restaurants with many tables and generous opening hours, our food is based on Swedish gastronomy and aesthetics.


There are great opportunities within the company and we are proud of the wonderful community that exists among our employees. You get extensive benefits in a serious company and to us, it’s important that we have fun at work together. Svenska Brasserier has a set of values ​​based on the word’s generosity, accessibility, credibility and entertaining.