Mattias Bergqvist & Jonathan Cohen

Mattias Bergqvist & Jonathan Cohen har spelat skivor tillsammans sen tidigt 2000-tal. Haft klubbarna Bubblegum Factory (riche) Poptopia (anna Khan) Million dollar milkshake (södra teatern) samt Looking for the magic (Nada). Räkna med massor av Indie, dream pop, jangle, soft rock, väst kust mm mm.


Lias Kaci Saoudi – LIVE

Riche Fenix welcomes you to the first LIVE gig ever at this venue!

We´re more than proud to present Lias Kaci Saoudi on stage this special night.


”I think I’m smarter than most people I meet. When I first moved to London, nobody would sleep with me for two years. I love my parents equally, but at the end of the day, I’m mummies boy. I don’t like couscous, but don’t have the heart to tell my step mother, I like a bit of purchase on my carbohydrates. When I was a child, I used to obsessively try and push out a shit even if there was nothing there, this went on for years, but I never told anybody about it. I feel sorry for almost everyone. When I watch my mother eat, it makes me want to cry. I told my mum that I’d always hated her jack Russel after it shat in my suitcase on my last visit to her house, that dog succumbed to liver disease not a week later.

I once got sucked off by a Californian yoga instructor in a back alley just off the Kaosarn road, the only way I could make myself cum was by imagining jack boots stamping on human faces, I hid from him the next day. I once tried to act tough at high school in Scotland, my Indian friend was getting called Paki by a bully, so I stood up to her, told her to fuck off, she kicked me so hard in the balls, I ended up in hospital for a week, with a testicle swollen to the size of an orange. I once shat myself in the public square in the middle of Montpellier, I was about 10 years old, and I was wearing shorts. I think I’m in love with Jeremy Irons. I only ever own roughly two and half outfits. I can see myself going a bit eastern as I get older. I forget people’s names the instant they tell them to me.

I don’t find sex with prostitutes a turn on, but desperation has lead me into their arms in Algeria, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Laos, Yemen, Wales, the Falkland Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Ireland, Georgia(Tx), Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Trinidad, Mozambique, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Scotland and Yorkshire….my name is LIAS KACI SAOUDI…and tonight, I’m yours.”

Eddie Åhgren

Eddie Åhgren spelar skivor, läs skivor, på fredag den 7e oktober 22-01. Alltifrån Big Audio Dynamite till Svenska Folkjazzkvarteten.


Space Ducks

We play at bars, weddings, raves, bar mitzvahs, full moon rituals, astronaut ”welcome back to earth” parties.



Fritjof Drake

Lördagen den 15e oktober gör Fritjof Drake sin take on med vinyler på Riche Fenix.


Förvänta er alltifrån numed classics, balearic, funk, downtempo, reggae till house, samt de obskyra guldkornen mellan allt nämnt.



Vi nöjet att presentera en av våra absoluta favoriter & en Riche-stammis i ordets rätta bemärkelse.
I decennier har han förgyllt Lilla baren med sin omisskännliga blandning av EBM, Piano House, Proto Trance, Disco & Gubbrock!
Liksom Fenix återuppstår han, om än inte på den 3:e dagen, så efter den tredje ÖLEN.
Förvänta er en ohelig blandning av det bästa som graverats på vinyl.

Lundberg Ribbing AB

Lundberg Ribbing AB är ett DJ-samfund som tillhandahåller yrkesmässig expertis samt rådgivning inom området USB. Verksamheten företräder ”bra musik” och bedrivs under okontrollerade former under oberoende tider.


Junior Nils

Gruesome disco and rock carefully selected by your professional ear picker Junior Nils.

AW – Baba Stiltz

Producent, musiker & DJn Baba bjuder på en mjukhård start på helgen!